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How To Rescue Your Skin From Halloween Makeup

Halloween is without a doubt the most creative night of the year. From flawlessly freaky face paint creations to deadly dramatic transformations, it’s the one evening where pretty much anything goes. 

After spending the last few weeks narrowing down outfit choices and debating over hair and makeup looks, the 31st is now drawing closer than ever. Whilst you may have your Halloween look figured out, there’s one thing you need to make sure you don’t forget - skincare preparation pre and post-Halloween. 

Year after year Halloween makeup becomes more and more terrifyingly terrific, but one thing that isn’t so thrilling is the overly drying and irritable effects some Halloween looks can have on hair and skin the next day. Face paint, fake blood and fright night hair can all cause damaging effects when not taken care of properly with the right practices. Don’t let your Halloween nightmare become a living reality, take care of your hair and skin with our step by step guide. 

Pre Halloween Step 1 - Exfoliate

To get the most out of your makeup look it’s always a good idea to exfoliate first to ensure your makeup sits smoothly. Gently exfoliating away the top layer of dead skin cells can really make a difference, and prolong the overall effectiveness to your makeup and how long it lasts. We recommended using either the Charcoal Gommage Peeling Gel or Rose Gommage Peeling Gel. Both are suitable for sensitive skin and help to purify pores and eliminate impurities for a magnificent makeup base. 

Pre Halloween Step 2 - Eye Mask

The eyes are an area that can really be accentuated for Halloween with major impact. Prepare the area using either the Morning or Evening Goggle Mask. Both of these have been designed to cover the entire eye area and intensely hydrate, to minimise the appearance of fine lines. Although the Morning Eye Goggle Mask is generally suited for the day as it includes anti-pollution ingredients and protection against blue light from smartphones, it can particularly come in handy if you’re going out into the city to celebrate or snapping a few selfies.

Pre Halloween Step 3 - Mask and Moisturise

Follow your next step up with a sheet mask to infuse some much needed hydration into your skin before applying your makeup. All of the sheet masks from our ranges are brilliant for this, but depending on your skin type and any particular concerns you may want to work on, we have sheet masks on hand to tackle everything from dull to oily skin. After you have applied your mask and massaged in the remaining essence, apply a moisturiser followed by a primer to create your perfect makeup base. Both of our Gold and Rose Gold Hydroglow Creams’ double up as a 2 - in - 1 moisturiser and primer.

Post-Halloween Step 4 - Cleanse Cleanse And Cleanse

After a night of Halloween Celebrations, an oil based cleanser is likely to become your best friend when it comes to removing your Halloween makeup. Gently cleanse your skin with an oil-based cleanser and wash off with a warm cloth

Post-Halloween Step 5 - Exfoliate

Following on from the oil-based cleanser, gently exfoliate again with either the Charcoal Gommage Peel or Rose Gommage Peel. This is a great way to ensure you have removed every inch of makeup and unclogged your pores to prevent makeup build-up and breakouts from forming.

Post-Halloween Step 6 - Rehydrate

Next apply a sheet mask again to restore hydration back into the skin, if your skin is feeling super dry or irritated from the night before try using the Aloe Hydro Jelly Mask which is perfect for providing a soothing effect.

Post-Halloween Step 7 - Moisturise

Finish your skincare steps off with a nourishing moisturiser, both of the Hydroglow Creams contain Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate. The Rose Gold Hydroglow Cream is particularly good for post-Halloween skin as it contains an anti-inflammatory effect to protect against redness and irritation

Post-Halloween Step 8 - Hair Masque

Whether you’ve backcombed your hair into the back of beyond or have over-styled it for your Halloween creation, a hydrating hair masque is always the answer to nursing your hair back to a healthy state. The Blossom Hair Masque and Coconut & Argan Oil Hair Masque are both formulated with a super creamy consistency and are brilliant options for hair which feels unmanageable and in desperate need of TLC.


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