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8 Uplifting Shows To Banish Those Quarantine Blues

With the nation now on an extended lengthy lockdown brings a need for more things entertainment wise. From self care routines, to fitness routines there’s a lot of options to be considered, although sometimes you just can’t beat a classic feel good film or TV series to uplift your spirits.

Whether you’re a chick flick connoisseur or more of a one liner comedy genius type. We’ve chosen 8 of the best feel good film and TV series recommendations, to restore a ray of hope and see you through the bad-day-blues and beyond. 

Love Is Blind

While your dating life may have taken a back seat for the moment, there are still plenty of ways you can get your dating fix starting with Love Is Blind. This show follows a group of men and women who date by talking in pods where they can only hear each other's voices. In just a little over a week, love is in the air! Sounds simple enough right? The only catch is in order to finally see your match in the flesh, you have to get engaged and plan a wedding together first! What more could go wrong? Watch the drama unfold for yourself - it’s definitely a fun watch!

Girls Trip

When four long lost friends reunite after years of not seeing each other, their lives couldn’t be anymore different. After they join forces together to show their support for Ryan who invites them to join her on a work trip, the time they spend together doesn’t stay very work focused for long. From dancing to drinking to wild sides and romances, Girls Trip brings together everything that can go wrong in one weekend and reinstates the true meaning of friendship. 

Mary Poppins

Could this really be a feel good category without a Disney mention? Mary Poppins reignites hope and happiness into our hearts in this classic film from 1964, which sees her playing a doting nanny to two children who are both intrigued by her presence and the eye-opening lessons and adventures she brings their way. 

Jane The Virgin

Looking for a TV series with more gasps in an hour than a soap opera? Look no further than Latin inspired series Jane The Virgin. Which follows the journey of twenty something Jane, who becomes pregnant after an accidental artificial insemination by her gynaecologist. To make matters more interesting the donor is later revealed to be her ex boss which puts her relationship and work life in jeopardy. Topped off with a lovable but loud Spanish family, the perfect blend of English and Spanish dialog, and more surprises than you see coming, this feel good series wins our hearts over every time. 

Pretty Woman

An all time favourite for many, Pretty Woman provides the perfect journey of laughter and important lessons for a rich entrepreneur and an escort, who learn to understand each others worlds, while discovering the true meaning of love along the way.  

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie 

When video calls with your besties and reminiscing on the fun times you spent together aren’t enough to redeem your lockdown blues, sometimes all you need is a helping hand with a film that sums up your friendship together, in more ways than one. Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie follows best friends Edina and Patsy behaving badly, when they escape to France after one of them is accused of causing the death of a high profile guest at a major fashion event. Accompanied by an all star cast, with more glitz and glamour and A-list cameos than a film has ever seen, this can only be a must see.


An olden but damn right golden classic, Friends needs no introduction. Follow the lives of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey in New York, as they pave their way to helping each other through adventures, friendships, will they won’t they relationships, work life, family, weddings, divorces and everything in between with guaranteed catch-your-breath-if-you-can laughs along the way. 

13 Going On 30

If you could go back to your 13th birthday would you change anything? This go to feel-good film sees Jenna Rink celebrating her 13th birthday, then waking up as a 30 year old woman the next day, with no recollection of the time between what happened after she made her birthday wish and where she is today. Thrown into the deep-end with her job as a magazine editor and a boyfriend and flat she doesn’t recognise, Jenna takes on the journey of piecing together the missing elements of her life that have taken her to where she is today. 

Words: Stephanie Orr


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