4 Ways To Add Aromatherapy Into Your Skincare

In a world where the majority of us live our lives through social media, it’s no secret that the last few weeks have been draining to say the least. From a worldwide pandemic to the recent exposure of worldwide racial injustice, it’s taken its toll on a lot of us. While we wholeheartedly agree that it’s SO important to highlight what’s going on right now. We also see the need to ensure that we are taking the right time to look after ourselves, through the practice of regular self care and making our mental health a priority. 

Aromatherapy has largely been linked to reducing stress, anxiety and improving sleep quality and concentration. This is achieved through the use of calming essential oils, which are found in aromatherapy treatments and are said to stimulate smell receptors in the nose, which then send messages through the nervous system and the limbic system, AKA the part of the brain which controls emotion, motivation and learning. 

If you are finding life a little overwhelming, try taking a step away from social media for a little while and focus on spending time on what makes you happy. Finding an aromatherapy practice is never far away either with our Gemstone collection sheet masks, which each combine aromatherapy, colour, gemstone and skin therapy extracts to target mental health well-being and skincare concerns, for a more uplifted you. 

Citrine Sheet Mask - Happy Mind + Nourish Skin

The Citrine Sheet Mask has been designed to enhance mental clarity and absorb negative energy, with the formulation of Yuzu which benefits the nervous system and works towards mind uplift. Calendula extract is also included to stimulate collagen, nourish dry skin and provide anti-inflammatory protection.

Jade Sheet Mask - Balance Mind + Soothe Skin

Jade Stone Powder in this sheet mask encourages a calmer mindset, along with Spirulina which is a form of Tryptophan that supports serotonin production, and plays a vital role in improving mental health well-being and happiness levels. Pine extract is also included to gently soothe skin, it is also excellent at and treating conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Ruby Sheet Mask - Recharge Mind + Restore Skin

Ruby Stone Powder has been infused into this sheet mask to recharge energy levels, while stimulating the mind to encourage positive thoughts and self assurance. Geranium Essential Oil helps to de stress and provide a more relaxed mindset. Goji Berries work towards increasing skin hydration and encouraging a radiant and healthy glow.

Sapphire Sheet Mask - Relax Mind + Hydrate Skin

Sapphire Stone Powder in this sheet mask works towards promoting mental clarity, whilst improving focus and concentration. Blueberry extracted is included for its super effective effect on mental health well-being and collagen production. Violet Flowers also help to provide a natural source of hydration to skin.

Words: Stephanie Orr


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